Welcome to Nuthouse No More

Visitors come to our site because they are seeking something. Perhaps the site’s title piqued your curiosity, or you landed here in a random search.

My name is Julie Greene. I am a mental health case manager who works privately. Most case managers are hired by the government (such as your local Department of Mental Health. In the US, this is run by each state).

I decided to go into case management after seeing some very bad examples of case management out there back in my years as a mental patient. Even the ones who were decent people were so restricted by their area bosses that they couldn’t quite do their jobs. As a private case manager, I am not restricted by these policies.

Because I work independently of any agency, the decision to hire me is entirely yours. You are in the driver’s seat! Please tell me what you goals are, and we’ll set out to achieve them!

I do not use the word “client.” I heard that too much in the mental health system. Instead, I use the word “student” which more aptly describes our roles.

Many of my students make the decision to leave the mental health system, while others feel they may wish to gain more autonomy and test the waters before making the leap to freedom.

I will support you through any roadblocks you encounter during the process of gaining autonomy.  Leaving the mental health system means setting step-by-step goals and working to achieve them. I am here to fully support you should you choose to leave the mental health system.