About Julie

I was a revolving-door mental patient for over three decades.  I remained a patient even while I earned my bachelor’s degree (Emerson College) and completed graduate school (MFA in Creative Writing, Goddard College). But one day I realized it didn’t have to be that way.

Now, at a turning point, I wasn’t sure where I was headed. Bit by bit, I began to step away from the mental system. I started on a new path.

I stopped identifying myself as a mental disease. As a result, I began to feel much, much better. To my delight, even my longstanding eating disorder faded away.

The one thing I wanted to do at that point was to bring the message to others who may be affected.  I published many articles, wrote in a blog, and wrote a number of books. Still, I felt dissatisfied with my ability to reach my audience in the way that I wanted.

I took up public speaking, something I always enjoyed. I also began a radio podcast station.

Then I decided to take a leap of faith. I signed up for life coaching certification training at the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County. The coaching “model” was exactly what I was looking for. This inspiring training boosted my confidence and vastly improved the way I relate to others in daily life.

My goal is to bring into coaching everything I have learned. I want to see you fulfill your dreams.

Please contact me if you have any questions about coaching or want to schedule a session.

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