Non-discrimination policy

I do not turn people away because of race, religion, sexual preference, or any reason you may have been discriminated against in the past. I refuse to turn anyone away based on past criminal history. I welcome anyone regardless of whatever mental diagnoses you have been given, as I am well aware that the diagnostic procedure has no basis in science. Coaching doesn’t “treat” anything so I don’t see why a mental diagnosis is even relevant to the coaching process. The good news is that coaching helps people achieve their goals, and usually, feel better, too!

I also do not discriminate based on a clients’ financial situation. To be completely nondiscriminatory I am offering my service free of charge, relying solely on donations.

Unlike other practitioners, I am willing to see you where you are at, and will not turn a person away based on perceived “crisis.” I am well aware that “crisis” has no real standard meaning and anything from being locked out of your house to a raise in your rent can be called a crisis. As a coach, I see a crisis as an opportunity to learn and grow.

There are situations where I may feel we’re not a good match. I will be upfront about my concerns and I hope you will be, too.