Psychiatric drugs

Life coaches do not prescribe psychiatric drugs. Coaches cannot give advice regarding these drugs. However, I, as your coach, can encourage you to take responsibility for your decisions, including the decisions regarding psychiatric drugs.

Sometimes patients take these drugs under duress of a locked ward or other intensive treatment situation. Some are court-ordered, often to receive depot injections. However, the majority of patients freely take these drugs under the guidance of a doctor, who may, or may not inform them of the possible consequences. Most patients are not legally bound, but are bound simply out of devotion to the doctor or “team.” A younger person may not be fully cognizant of long-term effects because young people have difficulty envisioning their older years.

Be aware that some people find that stopping the drugs is too uncomfortable, so they may choose to reinstate or to maintain on a very low dose rather than completely go off the drugs.

I encourage you to take responsibility for whatever choice you make. Please be aware that rapid withdrawal is often extremely risky. I encourage you to do as much independent research as you are able and understand the risks and benefits associated with psychiatric drug use and withdrawal.

I hope that clients will also take responsibility for any negative effects they may experience, and if necessary, take appropriate action on their own behalf. These actions may include consulting a doctor or asking for support from family and friends.

I urge clients to take responsibility for making a plan ahead of time in case an emergency should occur. You may choose to keep a list of telephone numbers handy, or inform a trusted family, friend or clergy of your medical preferences. As your coach, I cannot be put in a position to make your medical decisions nor give medical advice.