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I offer an initial 30-minute introductory session. During this time we can determine if coaching is right for you. You may arrange an appointment using the online schedule below, or call me at 412-339-3258.

All regular sessions are 70 to 80 minutes long, unless  we have made other arrangements. We will end whenever we arrive at a stopping point.

In the interest of being available to all, I am now offering regular sessions completely free of charge.  I rely solely on donations from generous individuals. Coaching has been shown to benefit clients in all areas of life. This includes financial gains. If  you feel you have benefited from coaching at Nuthouse No More, please consider donating so that others may benefit also.

Coaching involves a contractual relationship whether offered for free or for a fee. If you wish to be my client you agree to certain common-sense guidelines.

For appointments in person we will arrange a convenient location to meet in Allegheny County or Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, due to tax complications I cannot meet with clients at my home office. If you wish to take advantage of a meeting with my dog, Puzzle, present, we will meet in a dog-friendly location. I have met with clients in libraries, coffee shops, and even in outdoor picnic areas.

Conference calls are available if appropriate.

If you have any question, contact me.