Why coaching?

Most come to Nuthouse No More because they want to get more out of life. Coaching is a brand new field entirely outside of the mental health system.

According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study most coaching clients improved in workplace performance and leadership. Coaching clients also showed increased confidence and feeling of well-being. In fact, 70% of clients saw an increase in income. Paying clients more than made up for the original investment.

Fees vary between coaches. Overall, coaching is less expensive than therapy. Unlike a therapist, who might pinpoint a client’s problems or label the person, a coach works collaboratively with clients, developing goals and ways to fulfill them.

Coaching ethical standards require that I do not use psychiatric diagnoses. Coaches do not identify problems. Rather, as a coach, I work collaboratively with clients to set goals and achieve them, and much, much more!

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Schedule an appointment with Julie